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Scientific Research References

References to the articles, books and resources for additional information about methods and principles used in the presented software.


A framework for creating ‘real engineering’ calculators [online article, English]

Download:  engineering_calculator_framework.pdf

Source code:  engineering_calculator_framework.rar

Online: https://www.codeproject.com/Articles/1219982/A-framework-for-creating-real-engineering-calculat

Solving nonlinear equation systems with analytical derivative calculations [online article, English]

Download: nle_analytical_derivatives.pdf

Source code: nle_analytical_derivatives.rar

Online: http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/1042710/Solving-nonlinear-equation-systems-with-analytical


Using physical quantities and units of measurement in C# programs [online article, English]

Download: physical_values_csharp.pdf

Source code: physical_values_csharp.rar

Online: http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/1066008/Using-physical-quantities-and-units-of-measurement

Fictitious Canonic Region Method

Author of the FCR method: Prof. Leonid N. Yasnitskiy

Yasnitskiy L.N. Fictitious Canonic Region Method. Computational Mechanics Publications: Southampton-Boston, 1994; 120 p. [English]

Gladkiy S.L., Stepanov N.A., Yasnitskiy L.N. Intelligence modeling of physical problems. Research and Development Centre "Regular and chaotic dynamics”: Moscow – Izhevsk, 2006; 200p. [Russian]

Yasnitskiy L.N. Fictitious Canonic Region Method in continuum mechanics. "Nauka”: Moscow, 1992; 128p. [Russian]

Fictitious Canonic Region Method [PhD thesis, Russian]

Download: fcrm_thesis.ru.pdf

Fictitious Canonic Region Method and Artificial Intelligence [article, English]

Download: fcrm_and_ai.en.pdf

Fictitious Canonic Region Method and Thermal Elasticity [article, Russian]

Download: fcrm_thermal_elasticity.ru.pdf

Fictitious Canonic Region Method and Electrostatics [article, Russian]

Download: fcrm_electrostatics.ru.pdf

Fictitious Canonic Region Method and Temperature Conduction [article, Russian]

Download: fcrm_thermal.ru.pdf

REGIONS Gamma-Gamma

Gamma modeling system [article, Russian]

Download: gamma_modeling_system.ru.pdf