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REGIONS Multi-Physics (REGIONS X) – is software for solving boundary value problems of mathematical physics. The program is based on unique analytical method – Fictitious Canonic Region Method (FCRM). FCRM is a Treftz kind method of solving boundary values problems, so it allows estimating easily the error of the solution and get robust results.

Download demo versions:

X32, Windows: REGIONS.X.DEMO.X32F80.Setup.rar

X64, Windows: REGIONS.X.DEMO.X64F64.Setup.rar

Documentation: REGIONSX_Guide.pdf

The REGIONS X program has unique, totally analytical parametric geometry modeler. All geometry can be created as a set of analytical parametric equations. This feature allows modeling geometry objects with zero error precision. The geometry parameters can be changed easily at any moment of problem solution. Changing geometry allows researchers investigate the solution behavior depending on the geometric parameters (example – stress concentration depending on the rounding radius).

Download example problems:

Cylindrical vessel with a whole heating from inside.


Analysis: Stationary heat conduction.

Description: Cylindrical vessel with spherical ends and a round whole on the sidewall. The third kind temperature conditions set at all boundaries of the vessel. On the outside boundaries the temperature of the environment is set to 0 and on the inside boundaries to 1.



Stress concentrator investigation.



Analysis: Static elasticity.

Description: Plate with an ‘elliptic’ hole is loaded by uniform tension force in one direction. The hole is of complex 3D geometry with a fillet. In addition, there is the ‘ellipse’ parameter that determines the elongation of the hole. The hole creates the stress concentration and the problem is calculate how its value depends on the parameter.

Cylindrical body deformation.


Analysis: Static elasticity.

Description: Cylinder with ‘star’ cross section is under the inside uniform pressure.


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