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WLD CAD – is software for well logging data processing.  The program is based on the ANALYTICS technology and allows calculating result data by any (nonstandard) formula. It works like ‘analytical calculator’ but input data is not real numbers, it is logging channels.


Download demo versions:

Windows: WLDCAD.DEMO.Setup.rar

Documentation: WLDCAD_Guide.pdf



The program has unique ‘Drag-Drop-Action’ interface that allows making all actions by mouse. Data can be easily created, copied, moved, displayed and so on. The system supports tens predefined functions and many operators for well logging data. Using these functions and operators allows building very complicated formulae for data processing.

WLD CAD program can be effectively used for the following purposes:

1. Fast testing formulae and algorithms for developing new well logging devices on the design stage (without programming and writing complicated code).

2. Fast testing formulae for new well logging data processing algorithms before code them and include in some software (for well logging data processing software developers).

3. Processing data with nonstandard algorithms that are not provided by common well logging processing software but can be presented by some mathematical formula (for geophysicists and well logging data interpreters).


Example of Well Logging Data Processing

Accelerometer orientation calculation

Let’s there are data acquired by a well logging device and the data includes the accelerometer measured output. The goal of calculation (data processing) is to find the angles of accelerometer’s inclination.













This problem can be easily solved with WLD CAD software.










For more information about calculation procedure, see guide for WLD CAD program.

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