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PHYSICS Development library.

PHYSICS is a source code library for developers. PHYSICS library contains special classes and allows using various physics concepts (such as physical quantities, units of measurement and so on) in .NET and Delphi (native) programs. The library provides the easiest way of realizing the possibility for user of your program input data with units of measurement and check the dimensions compatibility. Units of measurements and physical quantities can be manipulated inside the program code with minimal efforts and in universal manner because of operator overloading. Any compatible units of measurement can be converted to each other due to unique universal conversion algorithm. All features support to string and back conversions. Easy localization and 2 languages at a time supported.

Download trial binaries:


Delphi version available from TMS: https://www.tmssoftware.com/site/tmsanalytics.asp

Documentation:  PHYSICS_C#_manual.en.pdf  (English)

                       PHYSICS_C#_manual.ru.pdf (Russian)



1. 100% source code.

2. Strongly structured class hierarchy (as close as possible to modern physics concepts).

3. Universal algorithms for working with physics concepts (no need to modify primary code).

4. Many predefined physical entities (physical quantities, units of measurement).

5. Easy to introduce new physics concepts (physical quantities, units of measurement and so on).

6. Various platforms supported: C# (WPF, Win Forms).



Download example application:

Material property editor.


Platform: .NET.

Description: Material property editor is an example of using concepts of physical quantities and units of measurement to realize real physical properties of substances (gas, liquid, solid) and edit them with checking physical dimensions.


Unit converter.


Platform: .NET.

Description: Universal unit converter allows select physical quantity and compatible units of measurement for converting value from one unit to another.



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