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REGIONS Gamma-Gamma (REGIONS Y) – is software for modeling gamma-quanta distribution in continua.  The program is based on the Monte-Carlo simulation of the gamma interaction with the physical objects. The interactions taken into account are the Compton scattering, photoelectric absorption and pair production.

Download demo versions:

X32, Windows: REGIONS.Y.DEMO.X32F80.Setup.rar

X64, Windows: REGIONS.Y.DEMO.X64F64.Setup.rar

Documentation: REGIONSY_Guide.pdf

The REGIONS Y program has unique, totally analytical parametric geometry modeler. All geometry can be created as a set of analytical parametric equations. This feature allows modeling geometry objects with zero error precision. The geometry parameters can be changed easily at any moment of problem solution. Changing geometry allows researchers investigate the solution behavior depending on the geometric parameters (example – detector spectrum depending on the distance from gamma source).

Download example problems:

Gamma-gamma logging device.


Description: Gamma-gamma logging device with a point gamma-ray source and one detector. Gamma-ray source is of Cs137 and the detector is based on the NaI material. The device model is in the borehole steel tube with inside and outside water environment. Totally 109 gamma trajectories simulated.

Multiple detector device.


Description: Gamma-gamma logging device with 9 detectors, one is central and 8 are around the perimeter.




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